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     Out-Of-Market Package Includes Mobile and Broadband Access, Plus Same-Day Replays,

    Dual Game Feeds, Multi-Screen Mosaic, Stats Channel and HD Games

    New York, Oct. 28, 2014NBA LEAGUE PASS on digital cable, the NBA’s subscription package of out-of-market games, tips-off the 2014-15 season with an eight-day free preview on digital cable, announced package distributor iN DEMAND. Cable systems around the country will offer the free preview from Oct. 28 through Nov. 4, 2014. In addition to the television package, subscribers are given free access to all the games on NBA.com and on mobile devices all season.

    NBA LEAGUE PASS is the ultimate destination for NBA fans to follow their favorite teams from around the league, track fantasy players and follow NBA stats and news. The package provides customers with up to 40 live out-of-market games per week across 10 channels. The 2014-15 package price, including the digital and mobile options, is $199 or four installments of only $49.75 each*. With the purchase of NBA LEAGUE PASS on digital cable, subscribers get access to NBA LEAGUE PASS BROADBAND and NBA LEAGUE PASS MOBILE on an authenticated basis (more info below).

    In addition to the broadband and mobile service, NBA LEAGUE PASS includes a wealth of creative and free enhancements, including game replays, dual feeds, a mosaic channel, a stats channel and HD games as follows:

    SAME-DAY REPLAYS: The service re-airs every game in the package starting approximately one hour after the final buzzer so that fans can see NBA action they might have missed.  Each game is replayed in its entirety and repeats continuously overnight and the next day, on the same channel, until the following day’s live matchups begin. Games are available in both SD and HD (varies by system).

    DUAL FEEDS: For many games, subscribers also receive innovative dual-feed telecasts, which deliver home-team plus visiting-team local market broadcasts so fans can choose the announcers they prefer.

    MULTI-SCREEN MOSAIC: Package subscribers receive the popular rotating mosaic of multiple screens that give simultaneous snapshots of all the live-action games being played around the league, along with scores, time clocks and channel locations. The NBA LEAGUE PASS mosaic can be found on the last channel (10th) of the system’s package lineup. (Mosaic may occasionally be pre-empted to accommodate live games.)

    STATS CHANNEL: The NBA LEAGUE PASS Stats Central is a live source for scores, statistics, game previews, game recaps and schedule information. This can be found on the ninth channel of the system’s package lineup. (Stats channel may occasionally be pre-empted to accommodate live games.)

    NBA LEAGUE PASS BROADBAND ON NBA.COM:  This feature allows package subscribers to watch the NBA LEAGUE PASS games live online at NBA.com.  It is free to NBA LEAGUE PASS subscribers once their subscription is verified. Complete activation instructions and details are available at: www.nba.com/activate. (*Note: Broadband are not part of the free-preview.)

    NBA LEAGUE PASS MOBILE: Fans anywhere can access games on authenticated mobile devices. Verification instructions and details are available at: www.nba.com/activate. (*Note: Mobile is not part of the free-preview.)


    NBA LEAGUE PASS runs until the last day of the regular season, April 15, 2015. More information about NBA LEAGUE PASS, cable offerings, game schedules and channel numbers are available at www.getbasketball.com and general information is at NBA League Pass learn more. Residential customers as well as commercial establishments can order by calling 1-888-SPORTS-iN (888-776-7874) or their local cable provider. Blackout and other restrictions apply.
    Among the cable MSOs* offering the package distributed by iN DEMAND this year are: Comcast (Xfinity), Time Warner Cable, Cablevision (Optimum), Cox Communications, Bright House Networks and Verizon FiOS, plus a number of independent affiliates around the country.

    *Package offering may differ by provider.

    About NBA Digital

    NBA Digital is the NBA’s extensive cross-platform portfolio of digital assets jointly managed by the NBA and Turner Sports. This robust offering includes NBA TV, NBA.com, NBA LEAGUE PASS, NBA LEAGUE PASS Broadband, NBA Mobile, NBADLEAGUE.com, and WNBA.com.
    The NBA and NBA member team identifications are the intellectual property of NBA properties, Inc. and the NBA member teams. c 2012 NBAE. All Rights Reserved.

    About iN DEMAND

    iN DEMAND L.L.C. is a world leader in providing exciting transactional entertainment delivered through television’s most innovative technologies. iN DEMAND creates, acquires and delivers programming through cable Pay-Per-View (PPV), Video On Demand (VOD) as well as on digital platforms. It also supplies marketing support, production services and content transport for the industry.  PPV programming includes movies, boxing, wrestling and mixed martial arts events and the digital out-of-market subscription professional sports packages for MLB, the NBA and the NHL.  The company’s VOD products include first-run and library movies, plus subscription movie and entertainment services. Content is delivered in SD, HD and 3D.  iN DEMAND’s owners are Comcast iN DEMAND Holdings, Inc., Cox Communications Holdings, Inc., and Time Warner Entertainment – Advance/Newhouse Partnership. Further information about the company can be found at business.indemand.com.

                    # # #

    # # #

    Contact: pressoffice@indemand.com

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