Movies on Demand

iN DEMAND distributes movie content from all majors and many independent studios for both the VOD window (Movies On Demand or MOD) as well as for Pay-Per-View. The MOD platform has become increasingly robust and powerful, with more favorable windows helping the industry achieve record-breaking revenue. 2011 was the best year ever for MOD windows, with more than 87% of new release titles* coming to MOD same day as DVD. Many titles now premiere on cable several weeks or longer before some kiosk and mail services, and a number of titles come to MOD the same day as theatrical or pre-theatrical. Extended viewing windows are increasingly popular. Most major studio titles are delivered in both Standard and High Definition. Visit for current schedules and other information.

*(Source: iN DEMAND L.L.C., 2011; Data represents only titles with more than $1MM in domestic box office revenue.)

International Content

iN DEMAND delivers content targeting the largest ethnic sectors with Espanol on Demand and International Movies on Demand with 200 hours of content every month. Movies on Demand are also delivered SAP enabled. The majority of our live PPV events have Spanish audio available via SAP: Boxing, UFC, WWE and soccer.

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Online Video Storefront

iN DEMAND partners with thePlatform and Limelight to create a digital Online Video Store with nearly 40,000 movies and TV shows available for download to rent or own.

Click to visit stores: xfinity, RoadRunner

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An exciting new multi-platform added-value movie SVOD service designed to support affiliates’ authentication initiatives such as “TV Everywhere.” Hundreds of commercial-free movies available on TV and online.

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