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Cricket: India Vs. Pakistan T20 and ODI Matches LIVE on PPV From Dec 25 to Jan. 6

New York, Dec. 20 - For the first time ever, U.S. Pay-Per-View (PPV) on cable is going to be airing an international cricket tournament, featuring India vs. Pakistan in five matches starting on Dec. 25, LIVE from India*. The two country's teams will be playing two Twenty20 (T20) and three one-day international (ODI) matches.  Pakistan cricket has not toured India since 2007, so the PPV coverage will be a special event for cricket fans here in the U.S. The matches are broadcast in English and all will be telecast on Pay-Per-View, in all major cable systems throughout the United States**.  All games (except one) will be available in HD as well as SD.

The five games will air between December 25, 2012 and January 6, 2013, and must be ordered individually on a Pay-Per-View basis (schedule below).  Each is $14.99 SRP***. The events are held in the following cities in India: Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata and Delhi. For further information, go to

Customers are encouraged to order the events within one-hour of start times, wherein they will be able to see pre-show countdown content.

India vs. Pakistan cricket PPV schedule (all times EDT), channels:

  • 1. Cricket: India vs. Pakistan First T20

                Date: 12/25

Time: 8:30 am start

Channels: iN1 & HDPPV

Venue: Bangalore, India

  • 2. Cricket: India vs. Pakistan Second T20

        Date: 12/28

Time: 6:30 am start

Channels: iN1 & HDPPV

Venue: Ahmedabad, India

  • 3. Cricket: India vs. Pakistan First ODI

        Date: 12/29

Time: 10:30 pm start

Channels: iN3

Venue: Chennai, India

  • 4. Cricket: India vs. Pakistan Second ODI

        Date: 1/3

Time: 1:30 am start

Channels: iN1 & HDPPV

Venue: Kolkata, India

  • 5. Cricket: India vs. Pakistan Third ODI

        Date: 1/6

Time: 1:30 am start

Channels: iN1 & HDPPV

Venue: Delhi, India

Content provider for the India vs Pakisan cricket tournament is Willow TV.  It is distributed to U.S. cable systems by iN DEMAND L.L.C.,

*Schedule is subject to change.

**Game availability may vary by system.

***SRP: Suggested Retail Price (Price may vary by system).

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